Monday, May 14, 2012

I Love a Rainy Night...’s been a long time since I’ve been blogged and a lot has happened: I’ve run a marathon, had biceps transfer (thank you Dr. Dreamy Eyes!) and went on my first seven day vacation in 5 years! Now I'm finally getting back to what keeps me “sane” – “running” and “writing.”

Here in the Tri-State area, we’ve had the most glorious winter and spring that lacked the usual snow and bitter cold temps. In a nutshell, it's been a runner’s dream and I felt like I was missing out BIG TIME! I’d been chomping at the bit since surgery on February 28th to hit the pavement; and finally, the green light came just a few short weeks ago. As luck would have it,the thermometer took a bit of a plunge and well, let me put it this way - I wasn't too worried we'd have a drought situation any time soon with the raging downpours. Truth be told, the colder temps are a real turnoff to me, but, I really do enjoy running in the rain...shhhh...

It's difficult for me to articulate exactly what it is about running in the rain that inspires me, invigorates me and liberates me. Maybe it’s the splash splash of my sneakers with each step; or the child-like enjoyment of hurdling (ok, leaping) over the puddles; or, maybe it’s the way the rain hits my face keeping me cool and refreshed. One thing I guess do know is that a run in the rain proves to be more cathartic for me than a run in the sunshine.

So, a couple of Sundays ago when it was raining buckets, I seized the opportunity hit the streets. I laced up my sneakers, threw on my kicks and an old Man U windbreaker (or in this case should I say “rainbreaker"); and began to wind through the streets of my neighborhood. So many thoughts and emotions from the last few months were ping ponging through my head ranging from pure bliss and elation to frustration and finally to serenity, as my feet pitter pattered through the puddles. When I reached my destination, through my labored breathing and the falling raindrops, I smiled and thought to myself, "I’m back...”

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